"BORGO ULIVIA", Extra Virgin Olive Oil

BORGO ULIVIA is produced from olive trees which grow on stretches of unspoilt land, amongst Mediterranean vegetation. It has a well balanced, light flavour which is slightly grassy with hints of tomato, almond and artichoke. It comes from the native cultivars "Nocellara del Belice" and "Biancolilla".

Product details
  • Olive Variety: Nocellara del Belice and Biancolilla
  • Harvesting period: from mid October until the end of November
  • Harvesting method: hand picking
  • Milling: continuous cycle cold milling
  • Yield per 100 kg of olives: 12 litres
  • Acidity: 0.15
  • Poliphenols: 200
  • No. of Peroxides: 2.6 mcqO2/Kg
  • Colour: yellow with green tints
  • Aroma: medium fruity, slightly grassy with hints of tomato, almond and artichoke
  • Flavour: well balanced in flavour, with a slightly peppery, bitter taste, of medium.light intensity; aftertaste of tomato and almond
  • Storage: after two stages of natural decantation the oil is stored in stainless steel containers under nitrogen
  • Bottle type: round, dark green 1 litre bottles
  • Bottle top: anti-drip screw top
  • Packaging: cardboard box containing 6 bottles
  • Harvesting tip: a particularly good year for the quality of the oil; some light rain at intervals and a long, hot summer helped to ripen the olives to perfection
  • Culinary tips: excellent in all Mediterranean recipes and for dressing salads and cooked vegetables. Try drizzling a little over meats, bean soups and fish dishes. One of the best oils for making cakes, and sorbets