"LOLIO LIEVE", Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The olive trees which produce Agropan’s LOLIO LIEVE oil grow on large stretches of unspoilt land in a typically Mediterranean landscape. The oil expresses fine and elegant perfumes, with hint of almond. It is delicate, soft and balanced in the taste sensations, with light notes of bitter and spicy.

Product Description
  • Variety: 100% Biancolilla
  • Harvesting period: October to mid November
  • Harvesting method: hand picking
  • Milling: continuous cycle cold milling
  • Yield from 100 kg of olives: 14 litres
  • Acidity: 0.2
  • Poliphenols: 316
  • No. of peroxides: 6.4 mcqO2/Kg
  • Colour: light green
  • Aroma: medium fruity with hints of almond
  • Flavour: well balanced, light intensity of peppery and bitter flavours, aftertaste of artichoke and tomato
  • Decanting and storage: natural decanting is used; after two decantings, the oil is stored in stainless steel containers under nitrogen
  • Container type: square 500 ml bottles
  • Packaging: cardboard box containing 12 bottles
  • Harvesting notes: a particularly good year for the quality of the oil; some light rain at intervals and a long, hot summer helped to ripen the olives to perfection
  • Culinary tips: It is perfect as the only condiment of fish. Very well on salad and raw vegetables. A light frying oil.