The Company

Agropan is the fruit of the initiative and commitment of Antonio Pipitone, a doctor of agronomy, who since he was a boy planned to build an olive oil industry. His childhood, in fact, unfolded in the company of his grandfather in the family olive groves. There he learned the secrets of olive cultivation, and there his grandfather’s teachings affected him deeply.

W i n e & C h e e s e f o r T w o

After earning a degree in agricultural science, Antonio Pipitone began to plan the establishment of a company that would produce good, natural oil. His commitment and dedication are total. After years of work and study he finally reached the goal. In 2004, work began on the construction of the production plant. 2006 marked the beginning of operations.

C l u b M e m b e r E x c l u s i v e T a s t i n g

Today Agropan offers extra virgin, quality olive oil, produced with special attention to authenticity throughout all stages of processing.

In fact, our dedication to quality begins with the company’s procedures, the methods of which influence the quality of the products made. The company’s activities are guided by a work philosophy that tends towards absolute product quality. Moreover, it is intended to express through native cultivations the peculiarities of this area of the Mediterranean whose microclimate and unmistakable scents give rise to an oil that is certainly among the best in the world.